25 October 2007

2008 Tour de France announced...


Actually, it's getting harder to say 'ZEN' and 'Tour de France' in the same sentence.

Here at ZEN Central, the epic nature of this world-class event, is paramount in the reasons why ZENmud isn't skiing in Colorado every winter, nor rafting down its glorious snowmelt-filled canyons in the summer.

One could say ZENmud lives and breathes the Tour, not in the sense of an archane dév
oté of factoids and trivia, but in that majestic sense of epic accomplishment.

But there is a new way in the Tour, which I feel distressed about. It's a license for bad labwork, and no respect for the riders who ride to the breaking point, in order to generate millions for the Tour company Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) , and their global sponsors; it's a license for ASO t
o cheat, by providing illegally-gained information on confidential A Sample testing, which they then publish in their other property, the French sporting journal 'L'Equipe'.

This conflict of interest - long-standing and vile - is under-analysed, as it is very much appreciated by the world's other sport-journalists, who don't care anything about the ethics violations by the publishers of L'Equipe. As long as the world is provided juciy doping tidbits by L'Equipe, from tight collaborations with the French Lab that is contracted to test Tour de France participants, those test results make headlines that sell newspapers.


So here is the route, which you can
download through this link, or click on the photo

Visit our other ZENmud productions blog - WADAwatch - for more information concerning the recently concluded International Conference on Doping in Cycling.

And the route itself, interesting again as was the 2007 Tour, is passing by ZENmud Central (Geneva Canton, Suisse), as is the habit every fourth year or so...


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