30 October 2007

Sarkozy wants it... Psychozizi gets it???

In regarding the various versions, in print, of the reaction of French President Nicholas Sarkozy (who's affectionately been given the ZENmud Productions' nickname of 'Narcolep Psychozizi'), it amazed us here to realize how few of those journalists wanted to include the fact that Monsieur le president had called her an 'imbecile', as he detached his microphone (click on this link for your You Tube smorgasbord of clips).

Living in the francophone part of Switzerland, I can assure you that there are fewer 'polite' insults to be receiving, than that of 'imbecile', which retains its perjorative medical origins from a certain deformity of very unfortunate children.

On a lighter note, the timing of this media-blowout has nearly eclipsed Psychozizi's quest to have the Presidential salary increased some 140%, in passing from Euros 101,488 to 240,000.

An astute French citizen's observation was:
"Will he now work 140% more??" Nowhere in that request for an increase was any hint of ALIMONY made...

For your pleasure, in ending this farcical escapade, ZENmud Productions reminds itself of a photo work it had once found, that took 'mirror images' of each side of a person's phase, in arguing that this showed the 'Jekyll and Hyde' nature of we all.

So here, without further ado, are composite ZENphotos showing both sides of Nico, and George's faces (means: a normal photo is divided vertically through the nose; then the right hemisphere is duplicated, and reversed, for one aspect, and the same is done with the left hemisphere).

Enjoy them!


la FRANCE...

Courage, les Presidents

ç*””*”*”*ç*””* ZENmud *””*ç*”*”*””*ç

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