12 October 2006

ZENmud NEWS flash!

Hi all,

ZENmud (a whatever of www.multimediORwrite.com ) has enjoyed a very busy weekend, which dealt with two major events: the birth of a new Association, NGO favoring the resolution of Palestinian and Israeli conflicts, and my invitation/desire to become involved in a film project that will document this new NGO in action!

I will be back to regular posting soon, and have excellent photoShop cartoons coming in the not distant future...

I haven't seen Bartcop or Buzzflash in days... so that's the next priority!

As they say along the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River (photo thanks to
www.cliffshade.com/.../black_canyon/bcg10.jpg )

"40 O's and 40 O's is: adios!"


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