05 October 2006

Rescue Republicans...

Some of my best friends are 'Republicans', and that word is in quotations due to the perversions of their party leadership, effected through the slow takeover (say the last 20 years or more) by an alliance of Neoconservative activists, the Dixiecratic Southern 'Wal-Mart Americans' and the radically-religious Right.

This potent witches' brew begat the MSM media that coddled the Right wing shenanigans of the Iran-Contra scandal, enjoyed the ratings brought under the Persian Gulf war (or the First Oil War, or BushWAR the First) through the inquisition of Bill Clinton, and the endless coverups of this New Millennium misAdministration.

But I digress historically, in order to address what I feel is the only sure way for America to stop this

careening-through-a-banked-turn misAdministration: Republican remorse.

The Party of Lincoln, the party of Hoover, the Party of Eisenhower, has become the Party of Nixon.

A schizophrenic man, Nixon is remembered today through the harsh reality of vengeance, now being exacted by his accolytes: the Rumsfelds and Cheneys of our day. Amplified through support by the MSM, their Machiavellian policies take root like vile weeds and blossom: death and oppression without and within American territory.

Vengeance: against the New Deal which gave broken labor a chance, against the Kennedys and Kings who offered hope to the common man, against the very soldiers to whose families they profess loud their support while emptying the Veteran's Administration of funding for health care.

Only Republicans can take back their party, focus on the issues that made their philosophy worthy of debate, and renounce the sanctity that they have profited from in the era of Bush the Lesser, as much as that major part of the media that sanctified their actions...

Republicans can do this in three ways: not voting at all, or voting for a Democratic candidate this year, or beginning to actively participate in Republican caucus sessions, or conventions.

Take your party back, dear true Republicans, and fight with us, to take back our country from a group of madmen (and a woman or two...).


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