31 October 2006

Invest in air: in the Age of Finite-ism...

The perils are destined to come, wave upon wave, if we continue to allow President Bush and other State leaders to deny factual knowledge such as is found in the World Wildlife Fund Living Planet Report.

Stopping the trend is going to take radical thinking, and here's one of the most drastic.

The developed world should be buying oxygen from the rain-forest countries that are currently decimating their rainforests, those vital components in the CO2 <> O exchange cycle. Thousands of hectares of rainforest have disappeared every day, and the effect becomes measurable, as found in statistics correlating rain forest lost against total diminishing oxygen-producing capacities. (Image Credit: ESA)

Solution? Invest!

Pay landowners or local/regional government entities in the Southern Hemisphere an annual 'rent' in sufficient quantities, that they think twice about taking whole hillsides or drainages and carving out those biomes. Such a solution could easily be afforded by the wealthiest nations, especially those that might choose to forgo their 'arms race component', currently sapping many governments of their ability to perform for citizens' benefit.

Because Post-Industrial Man forgets, sometimes, that we live ON the land, and we've entered the age of Finite-ism.

We know there are not infinite oceans.
The Freshwater cycle has become very tightly managed across the Planet.
Agri-business redefines 'farming' as ruthlessly as it possibly can.

And living with an automobile, or two, or three, has definitely influenced Global warming: we're driving down the wrong road!

Finding the bio-capacity in your region a bit too suicidal, if not for yourself, then for your children? Do you know how to measure the Global Footprint of your region? Consider the 'tentacles' of commerce that eminate from New York City, or Tokyo: dense in humanity, void of resources – the thousands of trucks making hourly deliveries – of foodstuffs and other vital necessities.

Consider that the alternatives to mass humanitarian suffering involve proper investment in electric transportation technology for scooters, lightmass-mass transit, and sustainable large-village developments. In combination, these would help create a model that reverses Humanity's downward course, providing a more sustainable 'global footprint' and reflect the new-found maturity for the 21st and 22nd Centuries.

The concept to overcome, is 'Econo-Societal Inertia': being locked in by a transportation system based unsustainably on economic behemoths (the automobile-truck transport paradigm) that semi-autonomously impose a darker future on all of us.

The solution is literally 'outside the box'; those citizens living without a car in the near future (as does ZENmud himself), are the pioneers of a better tomorrow...


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