22 October 2006

It's up to YOU...

The time is overdue: end the madness of Bush the Lesser! Don't empower his addiction to cruel and inhuman behaviour.

Remember what Smokey the Bear said: "Only YOU can prevent forest fires." Stop unsupportable aggression; defie fearmongering; enable our country to restore its sullied reputation; allow our Armed Forces to come home and do what we did train them well: protect America.

No one voting Republican (okay, for national office seekers) will any longer be able to avoid the stain of crimes against Humanity
from the Bush regime.

The choice is clear and overdue: Republicans
now know who the man they were sold as pResident is, now know what he is capable (or incapable) of doing, and are now the party that could reject Bush-Republicanism.

The countdown is E-17 and counting...


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