02 October 2006

After America, what?

Thinking short-term, gives one a focus on the coming early-November elections, and if one is not for the current misAdministration, one might hope for a great turn of events, and one might have a fifty per cent chance. “I figured the odds were fifty-fifty...” Frank Zappa.

A longer-term focus, and a cynic's eye, sees subterfuge at the ballot box, and a less-than fifty per cent chance of change in the makeup of the House of Representatives, or the Senate.

What happens to the world via BushCO, in the following years, if Congress stays in the hands of the...


Their War FOR Terror can evolve into new locations, could evolve into nuclear options, could involve massive internment of American dissidents, and could bankrupt the United States Treasury as the Afghanistan campaign helped to implode the Soviet Union.

Whither thou, America?

The tax cuts for the wealthiest, and the budget deficits demanded by Bush the Lesser, have allowed these privileged and connected few to bank millions in new income or wealth. It would help to know if those who amass new profits are holding those in American dollars, or whether they have 'diversified' their holdings, into Euros or gold, foreign stocks or whatever.

For it would make sense if one could, to protect one's own fortune while voting and agitating for the end of the United States of America, through support of this misAdministration and its internal and foreign policies. If I had banked an extra ten million in profits, I think I'd be holding one quarter in dollars, one quarter in Swiss francs, and one half in Euros.


It won't take much longer for Bush' policies to bankrupt the Treasury. At two billion dollars per week ($2,000,000,000/wk ), America is drying up its future resources faster than it even is aware... and if we're very lucky, Bush the Lesser would end up here:


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