07 February 2008

No Policy in RAMBO-Politics

It comes down to this:

The American public will generally have accepted the choices made for 'it' by media distortion, when it comes to receiving true comparative information regarding presidential candidates, this year.

A campaign that will bust the bank, with expenditures by Republican and Democratic Parties anticipated around the ONE BILLION DOLLAR mark, slightly more than in 2004, when the totals were estimated at 693 Million dollars. A State Department official claimed (Officially?) about $500 million were spent in 2004, and reminds us that this is the first campaign since 1928 (!!!) in which no President OR Vice-President has entered his hat into the ring.

"No mas! No mas por favor!"

In a similar twist, Sylvester Stallone happened to be on TV in France this week, hoisting his own petard for the new Rambo kill-thrill film... and the French channel CANAL+ was hot on the trail of his Rambo saga.

They showed statistics of the body-counts, and times in which a 'first kill' was portrayed for each of the four episodes of RAMBO... ZENmud didn't have time to write them all down, but in the first Rambo, there was one death, happening about 30+ minutes (or forty?) into the plot.

In the following releases, Rambo films 'killed' more than 60, then more than 130, then with this last release, some 260 actors: the FIRST died within 2 minutes!

MUCH in the same vein, where the Lincoln campaign spent some 100 thousand nationally, and Papa Bush spent some 59 million to defeat Dukakis, the previously mentioned 2004 and 2008 tallies parallel these death-figures from Rambo...

As for the Movie, it probably will never be seen
at ZENmud productions. Yet the surreal parallels remain: distorting reality through infusions of massive amounts of cash.

At least in RAMBOworld, we know walking in, who the winner will be...

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This becomes a RARE split-posting day: ZENmud had written a letter to Bartcop, based on an item Bart discussed, regarding the Human Boil: Rush Limbaugh...

Rather than re-typing something inane about it, ZENmud productions has decided to let its audience read the nearly-whole letter (smile):

hey Bart,

I hope to write about this on my blog sooner or later this week, but I hope you can agree that 'The Vulgar Pigboy' (VPB) is spinning the same line I spun a year or more ago, and sent it to you again maybe two months ago!

You pulled this quotation from Limpbow:

"“If I believe the country will suffer with either Hillary, Obama or McCain, so let the Democrats take the hit . . . rather than a Republican causing the debacle,” he said."

The point I made, and which I'll urge one last time for you to consider, is

We KNOW that RepubliCANTS will savage our nominee, or our rightly-elected Democratic president; they can't wait. They're Fascists in the Media, and they'll make more heaps of money in the next years with 'AN OBJECT TO HATE' occupying the White House.

(subliminally, I'm sure they're afraid that either McCain or Obama will/would actually succeed in 'Pulling us together'; there's no profit in Hate Radio when things are working properly)

So the smart Democratic money SHOULD be focusing on electing 'Filibuster-proof' Senate and House majorities: at least 64% for comfort range.

And I'll rephrase with the VPB said: do you want the Dem president to take the hit by fascist media for four or eight years, when that media falsely labels the Dems as the source of 'these new taxes/problems'?

A Democratic president is going to make a lot of the WRONG people richer (Coulter, O'Reilly, Limbaugh), while trying to help the REAL citizens move forward...

So to understand that point one more time: any Democratic government is going to be slandered daily by an evermore-powerful US media, as they honed the skills of the Nineties, and used them effectively in 2000 against Gore, and then Kerry in 2004: why suffer this?

CONGRESS is where the government could change the country around, if we had enough Cajones to get a strong bloc of candidates to the House and Senate, over 60%.

Don't think Bart caught my point, but he's a busy guy there in OK...

The next four to eight years are going to be a prosecutor's delight, if Democrats have massive majorities, in punishing the criminals that have enjoyed Republican immunity these last years... such as this case in Texas, in which a woman was denied pursuit of claim against KBR due to a clause in her contract requiring arbitration... for a sexual harassment claim...

America can only save itself, as ZENmud has previously posted, in a discussion of the Republican party... which must save itself, not from George the Lesser, but from the KARL ROVE network that has brought it and the United States to a brink, a cliff, a precipice...

From 1 billion today, what bodes for 2012, or 2084?

WOBBLE is a word to remember; the world's been WOBBLING since 2001...

___ç-ç*******/ ZENmud \*******ç-ç___
© 2008

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