05 December 2007

"...a Kazakhstani state of mind..."


Would someone from Kazakhstan know as little about, say,
the western slope of Colorado, as ZENmud knows about her country? (photo 1: the great Tien Shan mountain range, northern extension of the Himalayas)

Yet, as the 'great exporter' of film and TV 'messages' for nearly a hundred years, the use by America of its home-grown media as 'cultural software' (a misplaced quote from Hans ____ (to be updated)), one might guess that there are more perceptions available as to 'life in the USA', than are available to those who ponder these majestic lands that make up the Eurasian landmass.


Who wouldn't love to visit the land from which
Humanity first domesticated the Horse, and which knows one of the oldest strains of wild Apple? (photo 2: the Malus sierversii Kazakh apple)

With a landmass greater than Western Europe, prosperity from natural resources, and .... one fact that ZENresearch knew from years back, is that Kazakhstan is one of the great LAND-LOCKED countries (other than the Caspian Sea); there is no need for a Navy, and thus the country must use pipelines for its natural resources export.
(photo 3: lovely Kaindy Lake)

Not to recount boring historical facts sans cesse, but it is interesting to note that the Russian Federation has recently renewed a long term lease on an immense swath of Kazakh territory until 2050, where the Baikonur Cosmodrome
is located; this was the scene for all Soviet space launches from Vostok 1 onward.

This leased land is some 6,000 square kilometers (approx 2,300 sq. miles); a zone 60 by 100 km encompasses nearly the same sized terrain as that of the lac Léman basin (Home of ZENmud productions, the UNOG, WIPO and the UCI and IOC) in Switzerland.

Why an interest in Kazakhstan?

Is it an overwhelming interest in our stark and beautiful natural planet?

The enticement of seeing amazingly long-lasted cultures?

A desire to pursue unfulfilled dreams?

Many potential reasons...

One concrete response... a heart beats there... and if I spelled this right:

Я тeбя люблю

ç*””*”*”*ç*””* ZENmud *””*ç*”*”*””*ç

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