19 March 2007

Harriet LEFT, because Harriet KNEW...

ZENadults, ZENkids, welcome again... We are ALL reeling under the weight of the Bush-antimass, which whirls around like a top that is off-balance: we're wobbling' and some of you are nauseous, ulcered, etc...
But this short post is to remind you faithful followers, that ZENmud posted a 'ZENtoon' back in ... January? The 5th actually... which you can go back to through this link...

In it, we surmised that Nancy Pelosi would have her hands full, and ZENmud put this thought into web-Circulation: (with my original, mistitled 'Myers' ZENtoon)

"So MARK your ZEN pages for the soon-come scandals and denouement in Congress, as Speaker of the House Pelosi yields her NancySmasher to gavel hearing upon hearing upon hearing onto these poor sad Republicans..."

Where will Harriet appear, and what is her role in the Prosecutorgate, that is ripping yet another hole in the Republican CULT, that produced this

Did she leave, thinking that departure would SOLVE HER PROBLEMS?

Did she leave, thinking that in doing so, no one would find out what her role was?

Could be: after all, she has long-since left behind her, membership in the Reality-based Community:
Between her and Torture-Boy Gonzales, as Bartcop calls him, a world of hurt has been turning our world into a HurtWorld... recovery is long, the patient in Critical Care...

OR? Is Harriet to be the scapegoat du jour? Read the New York Times:

“It has been described as her idea but ... I don’t want to try to vouch for origination,” Mr. Snow said, according to The Associated Press. “At this juncture, people have hazy memories.”

The shift in stance articulated by Mr. Snow came a day after it was revealed in e-mail messages that Mr. Rove inquired about firing United States attorneys in January 2005. The request prompted a Justice Department aide to respond that Alberto R. Gonzales, soon to be confirmed as attorney general, favored replacing a group of “underperforming” prosecutors.


At one point in 2005, former Bush counsel Harriet Miers suggested all 93 attorneys be fired at the start of the president's second term, something Gonzales dismissed as a "bad idea" and "disruptive."

Instead, he said he directed his chief of staff Kyle Sampson to evaluate "weak performers."

Sampson resigned this week.

OR read the American Chronicle:

The e-mails showed that Rove, as early as Jan. 6, 2005, questioned whether the U.S. attorneys should all be replaced at the start of Bush's second term, and to some degree worked with Miers and former Gonzales chief of staff Kyle Sampson to get some prosecutors dismissed.

What you will read, and should count on, is that the countdown has BEGUN: to the days of NancySmashing, just as your Humble Narrator has predicted for you. Prediction is not a science: ZENmud smelled a(nother) Ratpublican story, and ZENmud surmises, that this scandal will crack, but not break apart, the deceit-filled calamity that is America's Government...


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