28 March 2007

The NAKED and the DAMNED... Abu Ghraib redux...


I have recently found this link to a report about Abu Ghraib, its PRISON, ITS TORTURE; the penultimate Stain on this misAdministration's legacy... here's a particularly vivid excerpt, from Samuel Provance' testimony-statement (which, coincidently, was requested by Republican Senator Chris Shays, and took place on ZENBirthday, 2006!):

I also befriended SPC [NAME SUPPRESSED], who was with the first MP units that set up Abu Ghraib after the war. [NAME SUPPRESSED] told me that she had witnessed abuses of Iraqi people and even seen some of them murdered. She said she documented these things in diaries that she sent home to her family in case someone killed her before she made it home to do something about it. She particularly mentioned fearing her chain of command. Her view, that anyone disclosing these incidents of abuse would face swift and severe retaliation, was widespread among soldiers at Abu Ghraib.

My friends, readers, whoever: that American forces have kissed the Devil, is not anywhere else, any clearer than in reading this paragraph, above.

ere is Seymour Hersh' look at a taste of hell... Written in 2004, as a reminder.

Yet the first link provided in this ZENpost, was written by a man whose conscience tried valiantly to remain on the honorable side of the HELL that Bush the Lesser has wrought.

That Donald Rumsfeld fled from;
That Condaleeza Rice rode to the State Department;
That Colin Powell passed out of...

There is one way for our country's Armed Forces to redeem themselves from the trappings of a mad neoConservative World theory... Turn their backs, or their arms, on the source of the problem: his address, I believe, is still 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.


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