18 March 2007

You say we need a REVOLUTION, yeahhhh...

Hey ZENers!

It's time: it's legal, and we can thank another Blogspot Blogger for inciting RATIONALITY in our American world.

Thanks to Civillibertarian for contributing to the right argument. That the USA needs to call an Article V Convention!

I had a Poli-Sci course years ago, in which a student and I 'redrafted' the US Constitution. Little did we know then, how likely this would become after the decades of Republican incivility and media-manipulation that we have had recently?

But he (Jason Miller is who posted) interviewed Joel Hirschorn, and the argument goes as follows
(read here)

And visit this site to join! Welcome To Friends of the Article V Convention

But when you want money for people with minds that hate
All I can tell you is brother you have to wait" (the Beatles "Revolution!")

Bon dimanche, mes amis!

ç*”*”*””*ç”*”* ZENmud ”*””*ç*”*”*””*ç”

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