07 March 2007

FLOYD GOES FREE under the Pound Doctrine

In a USA Today article* (Aug 25, 2005 "Armstrong says he's the victim of a 'setup'"), WADA President-for-Life Dick Pound was quoted, in reference to the scurrilous, false 'campaign' run against Lance Armstrong by the LNDD-WADA 'research' project, as earlier revealed in L'EQUIPE in August 2005, as saying:

"If he had one [here, an EPO 'positive' result], you could say it was an aberration. When you get up to six, there's got to be some explanation."

The Pound Doctrine, thus, is: Any racer testing positive only on one
occasion of several, may successfully argue that this test result is not accurate.

The Pound Doctrine exists, because the man is President of the World ANTI-DOPING Agency (WADA),
after losing the IOC Presidency to Dr. Jacques Rogge. Dick Pound, an attorney from Canada with long experience in the International Olympic Committee movement carries and CANNOT dismiss, his official role as President of WADA.

Furthermore, as he stated, "there's got to be an explanation." Prior to the inception of WADA in 2004, there was 'an explanation'; that aberration or explanation came from mandatory longitudinal testing under th
e IOC.

In the case of repetitive positive results, such as had caused the LNDD, WADA and L'EQUIPE to cry 'Scandal in 1999!', the authority of the epoch decreed:
"In the case of T/E higher than 6, it is mandatory that relevant medical authority conduct an investigation before the sample is declared positive. A full report will be written and will include a review of previous, subsequent tests and any results of endocrine investigations."

KEY phrase: 'before the sample is declared positive'.

We know, that Floyd Landis was tested during eight Tour de France 2006 stages. Seven of those tests were obviously negative. (no 'positives' is equivalent to a 'negative'. There is no indication that the IOC ru
le is currently still in force: under the operative WADA CODE, the IOC must be in conformity with WADA, not the opposite.

One Landis test was 'positive', according to the same French laboratory that had introduced the scandal related to Armstrong.

Thus, under the official WADA Pound Doctrine, a singular positive test against Floyd Landis, in the face of seven clean tests, 'could indicate' that aberration, lab error, or malfeasance had occurred.

However, don't anticipate reading about WADA, or the French Laboratory's errors any time soon.

WADA, new kid on the block, has to win the big fights to claim its rightful turf: Floyd is in the crosshairs, however, so is President Pound. Is Pound one of the best Snipers on the ledge? Unfortunately for him: some are gunning
back; for him to be replaced!

* See the UCI Vrijman report, p 23
Thanks to Trust But Verify for his *invaluable* source data collection and consultation!

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