29 November 2007

AFTER Worlds Collide... Part II of the ZENfull future...

one generation plants a tree; the
next generation gets the shade.”

(Chinese proverb quoted in Human Development Report 2007/08)

ZENmud productions is still as high as three kites, from an overly-energized period of time spent amongst fellow world-travellers who voyaged to Switzerland for a week-long seminar entitled Climate Change II: Understanding Solutions, sponsored by Media21.

Although the week was mostly devoted to the filming of speakers and participants to these workshops, time was allowed for developing friendships of a profound nature, and these were amply rewarded. (ya tebya...)

The photo of these logs came from a municipal waste incinerating plant in the Swiss Jura mountains, from which a town supplements its heating supply by burning the detritus from various commercial logging operations.

This 'solution' was one of a wide range of Swiss governmental or industrial actions that were presented to our group. Steps taken to reduce environmental problems showed how small and large government initiatives could aid to reduce the greenhouse gasses that were driving Humanity across the REACTION zone.

That zone defines a place where short-sightedness, if not replaced by long-term sustainability, will provoke unending consequences for the biological balance of our planet.

Meeting people who share multiple common planetary concerns, although certainly their experiences, from passing through various 'prisms' of national or cultural origins, enabled an expanded shared focus, and the input from Swiss and UN authorities allowed everyone to walk away more knowledgeable about the radical times we face as 'Humanity', in the coming 80 or more years of
peak climate change.

Given that Mr Al Gore shared the Nobel Peace Prize with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
just a month ago or so, the concerns it reported, on climate change are even overpowering the petroleum-profit base in the Republican Party, which has distanced itself from the rapacious Halliburton-derived foreign policy that has saddened and rendered bleak, both an outlook for "tomorrow", and the world's opinion of the United States as a 'leader' that would get us there.

To the right, is the major graph (source: HDR 2007/08) that has circled the world, showing the sustainable (dark lines) future progressions, versus the unsustainable (reddish lines) alternatives that the IPCC postulated to be fully-impacting our future if no modification or adaptation actions were fully implemented.

Since at ZENmud productions this philosophy of car-less life and sustainability through 'small-living' has been a ten-year affair, assuredly more people can find new 'freedom' by rejecting the 'slavery' that cars induce... such as:

freedom from car insurance;
freedom from car repairs;
freedom from car thefts;
freedom from ROAD RAGE;
freedom from parking tickets;

freedom to discuss life in a bus with a stranger;
freedom to cycle to the store and return with a smaller pack of food;
freedom to breath air shared with birds and other fauna...

Whoever said "IF you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem" is talking about all of US, sharing ONE planet, until we return it to our grandchildren...

Not from Tibet, lyublyu,

Courage through the darkening days

ç*”*”*””*ç”*”* ZENmud ”*””*ç*”*”*””*ç”

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