01 November 2007

Condi - Blackwater - Troops

If you haven't seen Bartcop lately, you should NOT miss his Volume 2065, from October 31; he was posting some of the BEST cartoons for Halloween, that I can remember! (hint: if link doesn't go to vol. 2065, it will after he posts his next page!)

I'm borrowing one of his cartoons, because it emphatically emphasizes one of the problems that is buzzing around the internet, namely the Bush liaison, through the Pentagon, with the Private Military Industry (PMI). Most known of this group, are both Halliburton and Blackwater (whose COO's brother is married to the sister of Jeb Bush' wife, don't you know?)... because one aspect of the Ruling Class in the US of A, in this new millennium, is total deviance: these people know no boundaries.

More after your Halloween cartoon break!

How about the 'open eyes, open mind' theory of reality?

See the caption(s) on this cartoon?

Could they ring true?

Our our troops hostage in Iraq, under a mad pResident whose goal of total petroleum control leads to the hiring of paid squads, aka 'The Praetorian Guard', exactly because Bush and his policies can no longer count on the blind support of grunts in the desert?

I leave you with that to ponder...

As we move into two other recent-and-related ideas.

First, being the immunity that Rice and her State Department have authorized to protect the Blackwater employees who may be called upon to testify before Congress (link above goes to her prepared statement: there is no available (yet) transcript of questions and answers): while pummelled by Henry Waxman and others, Bush tiptoed through the same morass that she knows altogether too well, having brushed off her incompetent failures of the Summer of 2001, the lead-up to the War in Iraq, as well as her dismal failures on every single topic that could be rubricked under 'World Peace and Development'! Next 'target'... errrr 'topic': IRAN.

Second, being the events coming to light about one certain plane crash in Mexico, that allegedly revealed a link between VIP Bush campaigners, the CIA, 11 September and the Columbian cocaine industry.

Immunity for agents that protect the US government civilians, in a compound or Disney-outlandish isolation zone, while outside its massive protecting walls, the US military acts more in self-survival instincts than in 'bringing the peace' instincts?

True Hollywood, non? Bush enjoys billboard-support from men whose spare time is spent importing cocaine, in planes that are kept at the same school in Florida where Mohamed Atta received his flight-training pre-September 11th?

The only thing we don't know, is at what point the Bush Family (Bartcop: aka the 'Bush Family Evil Empire') decided that 'America' was its personal crime smorgasbord, and what percent of the 'take' is being paid out to the enablers: their prime backers in the media, PMIs, Big Oil and Pharmaceuticals...

People that have done to the United States, what two generations of Bushes have done, continue to push their criminal intent and reap anticipated profits through a Machiavellian consortium, watched by the Rational World around the clock...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, spooks! {not a racist comment!}

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