26 November 2007

When Worlds Collide... Part I of the ZENfull future...

ZENmud productions is ah-ah-live again...

Hello ZENers, welcome to those from the Media21 Fall Climate Change conference.

(FN: "When Worlds Collide" was a super, childhood science fiction novel, co- written by Philip Gordon Wylie and Edwin Balmer; the plot concerned pre and post-event effects of two 'otherworldly planets' entering in contact with the inner Solar System, and the migration of the 'chosen' to the new planet)

Rarely does such a vibrant chance materialize, to witness so many different Worlds interacting.

For the 25 participants of Media21's second Climate change workshop, our past met our future (or certain potential components for a sustainable future), as South met North, West met East, developed met developing, and the problem - of global climate change, man-made or otherwise - was offered parallel solutions.

By seeking to stress mitigation and adaptation as the solutions to actual climate change, through recognition of the value-added concepts of increasing alternative-energy use or ecological construction (which both share components of mitigation and adaptation), Media21's Conference participants were offered abundant information of certain concrete solutions offered by various players in the waste-disposal sector, a Zero Energy home owner, and an abundant array of UN Program or Agency officials whose work revolves around Climate Change.

Monday's program included a visit to Les Cheneviers, a plant operated by the Service Industriel de Genève. Throughout the windy afternoon, journalists from four continents were ably guided through this multifunctional, state-of-the-revolution plant, combining municipal functions of waste-removal storage or, here, incineration, from which the 1,000° C flames allow this SIG facility to heat water, which generates local household heating and as electricity, for some 3,000 households in the vicinity.

ZENmud will be writing much more on this in the days and weeks to come, as the events of the past week provided more-than-ample fodder for in-depth commentary.

Welcoming new friends, ZENmud returns energized for the new winter to come...

As we move toward mitigation and adaptation;

Et la prochaine en français?

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