21 February 2007



It's going to be a sad month, and I'm not even talking about deranged pResidents or fear and loathing in Teheran... It seems I've reached a dubious point in my life, when a goal attained comes, and is followed by sadder news that washes the accomplishment away.

For ZENmud is 50-and-a-week tomorrow, and it appears that his lovely, beloved mother, is seeking new horizons, as a voyage from our reality, to that we dream of, or pray for, or have imposed on us, the innocent, by those whose sole aspiration is to accomplish as many WAR Crimes as possible, in his six-to-eight years of office.

The woman you see, taught me all the right things of life: her Christianity included daily lessons in 'Turning the other cheek', as she was emotionally battered by an alcoholic, philandering husband; her politics taught me the benefits of helping the less-abled, to balance that man's Republican hatred of non-whites, and poor, and attorneys; her inquiring mind helped me, as when she gave me to read, the 'Tibetan Book of the Dead' (although I cannot say which version, whose translation, etc)... The list of books she found for me is amazing: Brave New World (Huxley), Star of the Unborn (F. Werfel) and many more: she even gave me my 'WHOLE EARTH CATALOGUE', which was a masterpiece of publishing from 1968 to 1972.

I post this in love, and hope that friends will share the turbulence of this week, this coming change in family-structure, and rekindle their love for people close and far:

"Set the controls, for the Heart of the Son..."

(thanks to Pink Floyd)


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