19 February 2007

Can NO one STOP him?

If rational minds, oh! my ZENistas, can discuss the source of the Kennedy assassination as being perpetrated against a Democrat, by 'People who Hate Democrats', one could think that those instigators would be from a far-off quadrant of the political sphere...?

Am I wrong?

If we narrowed down '
People who Hate Democrats', we would of course eliminate the majority of Democrats, and the minority of Republicans, that are not so hateful in their own souls...

We could narrow further and consider who to include in the 'baseline': rabid anti-Communists, radical anti- Castro reactionaries, radical Right Corporate interests?
Well, ZENers, when it comes to a timeline of ideologies, the elements that fostered enough hatred to kill John F Kennedy, in front of his wife and a crowd of onlookers, ought to marshal their hatred towards one of their own, one who has done more damage, more irreversible actions, from destroying the United States fiscally, physically and influentially: their very own droogie, Bush the LESSER.

How is it that any president can follow this man, whether a woman or black, or another (oh merde!) Republican?

Out of what legacy-of-shit will that individual have to soil him or herself, to rectify the compounded errors of Bush and his 'Dream Foreign Policy Team'? It doesn't pay to waste one's precious life worrying, does it?

We'll all be okay once the next President, perhaps even actually an ELECTED president, is in power?

Are you crazy?

Do you think a simple shuffle of the deck will yield the winning hand?
I wouldn't want the job of President, and would wager that the next office-holder will face the most grave, non-violent decisions that any President has faced since Abraham Lincoln...


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