22 February 2007

JIHADIS are everywhere...


We come back to the subject at hand, being 'what to do after Bush the Lesser leaves office?'

An interesting graph from Mother Jones 's article - The Iraqi Effect: War has Increased Terrorism Sevenfold Worldwide (part Four), has been dutifully and respectfully embellished by the ZENartists here at ZENcentral... and credit goes around the whole internet for this derivative satirical work.

It's the living (dying?) truth... Wonder how it compares to the Perpetual War Portfolio?

The reality goes beyond Super-bowl political media coverage, goes beyond investors blind to the source of their corporate dividends, and FAR beyond the moral compass that theoretically points Muslims, Jews and Christians towards their Paradise in another world...

Is it any wonder that Bush, as small and conniving a capitalist, whose only 'get-rich quick' scam involved illegal Supreme Court decisions, irresponsible administration of Defense and FAA warning systems, unconscionable diplomatic and domestic-political methodologies, is now getting ready to retire to Paraguay, perhaps? See the ZENarchive for December, and scroll to 11 December:

FLASH FORWARD: 2008 - Bush and extradition

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Stay in the real world, feel the real pain, solve the real problems: as ZENmud said on Day One of Blogging:

"There's only one way to solve the world's problems: don't start one."


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