23 February 2007

PROXY war continues...

Dear ZENistas?

Can we continue hiding the proxy war that Bush the Lesser, and the American Media, the MSM (Mainstream media) are ignoring?

While the world turns more violent (See yesterday's post below, or through this link), and the UN debates, and the world awaits, for the Iranian government's 'Uranium question' to be resolved (PEACEFULLY? thank you), who's minding what is going on to bolster the Iraqi Sunni factions, and from whom?

Look over there, on the other side of Iraq and Kuwait? Recognize it?

Big, dry, sandy: Saudi Arabia??? Sunni Holy land?

Third largest holder of US Treasury notes? (ZENthought: and thanks for the Map I found at www.atlapedia.com , and modified under the Fair Use Doctrine exceptions on education... :-)

Hello Earth??? What meds are they on?

The MSM media can't stop masticating the juicy morsels that drop from Bush, Rice, or Ahmadinejad's mouths, concerning Iran, who happens, I am not the first to point out, to be seeking to support the very same people we handed a majority democracy to... the SHIITES of Iraq. And, MSM coverage paints a misAdminstration program that is designing to install your next sequence of brainwashing: MUST STOP I**N!, we MUST STOP I**N!...

And so it goes, said Ed Murrow...

Ponder this, as we turn tomorrow into today... weekend for Momma....


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