05 January 2009

A new year, a new format for crystelZENmud...

New ideas, new American President, new crises, need new eyes, and solutions that create harmony.

Zen is as ZEN does...

This post introduces a new concept, to be irregularly supported as time allows.

"Letters to Mr. President" (still "-elect" at this date...)

Other concepts are ongoing, and our long-term focus is still primordial.

Letter To Mr. President-elect (One):

Here's a thought for your attempt to bail out the Detroit auto industry, Mr. Obama:

Have your future Commerce Secretary re-invite the GM, Ford and Chrysler CEOs into a conference room, and invite them to bring with them, the (depending on which company) 5 to 20 auto designers, auto architects, auto engineers, at the most senior level, who have had the greatest number of 'eco-car' designs rejected by those CEOs.

Invite the designers/architects/engineers/forward (Team "D/A/E") , and invite them(D/A/E) to be the recipients of the funds, granted in the name of the corporation, and invite their input as to whether the CEOs should maintain their A) Jobs, B) Salaries, C) bonuses.

If you want the corporation to change, start with the right people: those employees whose careers have been frustrated through the Detroit macho-ignorance shown by their current SUV culture. Those whose designs sometimes make it to a car show, but die there after the glitz turns into a hangover!

That's Letter One, Mr. President-elect: welcome to Washington, DC.


ZENmud Central

PS: to our loyal readers, merci for your waiting and input!

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