13 March 2008

PICTURE ESSAY from Geneva Auto Salon 2008

Hello ZENers,

What's a nice boy-on-a-bicycle, a Planetary-Defenseman, doing at an Auto Show?

The good news, is that ZEN Central has only gone three times to this annual event, in the last eleven years. And this is the first time since 2002 or so, 'promis-juré' (FR for 'cross my heart').

As I find out more about the vehicles that constitute a real step towards 'eco-transport' of our combined futures, still there's a remnant of savage testosterone latent in any man, so pictures you're about to see (or you can go to the official photo gallery?) do include the Ferrari's and others that make up the legacy from the dinosaur age-fueled era.

AND don't laugh! (bwaaaaah-ha-ha-ha) So many vehicles were displayed with a Bicycle rack on or nearby one of the manufacturers' walls, as if to display what we all SHOULD BE riding, instead of carrying on a car to GO riding elsewhere...

This post should be revised in a day or two... by next week at the latest (have to find the details in literature for these items!).

BTW: as a newly-elected member of the 'Geneva Institute for Water, Environment and Health' Executive Committee (www.giweh.ch), am looking forward to challenging the status quo in terms of water management and rights procuring, in a young organization with some super personalities in its midst. More on that another day, here are your

GVA Auto Salon photos

[These units are all one or two place vehicles, some electric, some motorized: NISSAN Pivo2 (BLUE,
middle right; Classic PLUS, bottom left]

[This is a Mazda concept car, the Taiki]

[Pagani ZONDA]

[Caption text here]

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