21 November 2008

the FreeFall sensation

Exactly forty-five years ago, tomorrow, the President of the United States was assassinated.

John F. Kennedy, and his memory, are many things to many people...

We small children in Minnesota, sitting in our first-grade classroom, were in tears: we were way too young to know how to 'hate liberals', why to 'hate republicans'. My ultra-loved, ultra liberal mother was devastated... My father was in shock, but it was tainted by his virulent violent Republicanism.

And the rest?

'History', with the biggest H, and the biggest Question mark since Humanity invented the English phrase 'conspiracy theorist'. Flash forward, to our modern times. One year ago, crystelZENmud wrote a post: 08

November 2007

Impeachment: power of We, the People...

While it didn't dwell on the basis for our pontification, we have long held the nagging thought that it was amazing what has happened to our country since Republicans began 'killing Democrats', since their gun-happy days in the 1960s when great social leaders were gunned down 'mysteriously' by a series of identically-bizarre, identically-Loner 'Social Outcasts' (Oswald, Sirhan, Ray, Bremer; shot respectively Kennedy, Kennedy, King and Wallace).

In the same vein, the assassination of John Lennon, the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, and the behaviour of Osama bin Laden (known throughout time as 'USAMA', except in the US Media), all do share a mysterious pattern, even without delving into the facts of each case... Almost as if a group of people had hit on the perfect formula to turn some loser into a Manchurian Candidate, and then set them out on the street to do their evil work?

The corollary to this theory, is that it appeared to have evolved in the 1990s. As if someone, again, had decided that "
soonaer or later, we're going to slip: we need to modernize our 'warfare'".

Well... the insanity is back... you can find ample stories in rightwing blogs about 'Obama's Birth Certificate', and laugh to your heart's fulfilment, as many rabid and barely-competent radically violent rightwing conspiracy junkies (nb: there's no 'nuance' between a 'theorist' and a 'junkie'... it's pretty Black-and-White).

The difference between someone rationally dispising or deploring the policies of a failed President Bush, and the irrationally-driven fears mongered by rightwing hate-radio and blogs, chat-sites and more, is astounding. As someone very close said: Republicans tend to be 'wrong but strong'.

Where to take this, in an era that mirrors those exuberant days of the early Sixties, before the US of A was buried in a Vietnam war that would stain it for a generation, and the rise and fall of the Woodstock nation, which 'died' as young and undeveloped as Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison and others?

Rodney King, victim of police brutality, requested that 'we all try to get along?', after his ordeal was ended with victory against the police in LA that beat him (the first 'video bystander' whistleblower case in our times).

Racism took a deep cut with the election of Barack Hussien Obama. It hasn't been since 1988, that a President received such a strong percentage over fifty percent: Papa Bush beat Michael Dukakis, and took 53.4 percent, very close to Obama's apparent 52.8 percent.

Here at ZEN Central, we are anxious to see the transition, fearing still that the legacy of Bush will taint the next generation of Oval Office occupants. Our greatest expectation, mirrors our greatest fear: that Obama can establish a road towards peace INSIDE these United States, that puts his followers in the right position to continue cleaning up the domestic and foreign tragedies that modern Republicanism has bestowed, upon us... a verifiable fiasco that will take a generation to heal... if 'McCoys versus the Hatfields'-type of relations remain between the Two Political Parties, and between America and the cultures it has sought to destroy.

Obama is limited, one chosen representative: if he acts more as a Guide, than a Leader, there's hope for your childrens' tomorrows...

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