10 September 2007

CASE: the US Media v General Petraeus

As if we, ZENers all, needed to know something more than this:

That 'the Surge' is another "state-of-mind", any different from that which was 'the Invasion', or 'the Democratization', or 'the Reconstruction' of Iraq...

Today is the day that the real war begins... the US Media, the MSM ('Mainstream media'), will begin its slagging of General Petraeus, whose efforts to sustain or retain or maintain the War on Iraq, the War to Promote Terrorism ...

Remember this cartoon? It's more applicable each month...
(And reminds me it's almost time for the Best of ZENmud Vol II annual cartoon-a-thon)

Originally published at Bartcop.com, I've revived it now, in this period - nearly two years since I first photoShopped (TM) the concept - while Bush is continuing to klaxon his intentions: to bust up another country, before he achieves TPAD:


And so, what will the Petraeus report give us, and what will its contents display, and how will Congress react, and even more importantly:
how will the MSM downplay its contents, as much as they've downplayed the war in Iraq, the destituted economy that we've destroyed much more than did Saddam H.?

'Boggles the mind' may be the single most appropriate phrase to use when describing the totality of the GW Bush era (Without combining it to the Reagan/Bush era of yore).

Destitution of morals, of responsibilities, of direction, of justice... GW Bush and his misAdministration certainly cannot claim to be in touch with 'Christianity', that religion which has based its precepts on the words of the Ten Commandments.

Although 'Honor thy Father and thy Mother' seems to be the only one that Bush is capable of respecting, what has he done for the rest of the list??

"Thou shalt not Kill"
"Thou shalt not Steal"
"Thou shalt not Bear False Witness"
"Thou shalt not Covet thy Neighbor's Goods"

Leaving aside the personal, sexual list that is still questionable, here we see that a strong portion of what Bush claims to be his guiding principles, are no better than the sand that blows across the heated Iraqi deserts...

And only the US Media stands between Bush, his sordid record, and the rectification of the historic changes he and his Republican Party have wrought on our Constitution, and our Founding Values.

United Hates of Hysterica? (coming soon...)

Courage, keepers of History


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