19 September 2007

WADA do about 'Measurement Uncertainty' = ???

Hi ZENers!

In cleaning up my trusty laptop (some 40 open websites or PDFs from WADA, UNESCO, etc)...

I stumbled onto this page from WADA:

And if you scroll down to the bottom, you find that this document: the WADA Technical Documents List, has one pending 'action item' (ZEN moniker)... the "Measurement Uncertainty for Anti-doping Analysis"...

Is this a means whereby WADA is *Actually* striving to improve scientific performance? Or is it something within that which we've come to call the WADA-Omerta?

Here's some links to documents that appear to derive from this debate or call for a WADA standard (one would think WADA would allow the EXPERTS at ISO to work this out??? If they haven't already?):

Here's an abstract from an article entitled "The role of measurement uncertainty in doping analysis"

Here's another work entitled "Reply to 'Measurement uncertainty and doping control in sport" by A. van der Veen", which is authored by Peter Van Eeno and Frans T. Delbeke.

I am hoping to learn more in the hours and days to come, as we await the flurry (of replies or menacing emails) of correspondence that could be produced by my Questionnaire... for WADA-accredited laboratories.

Back to your regularly-scheduled lives, which are ... already in PROGRESS!


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