23 April 2007

Segolene and the Power of Woman...

It's a new day, in France:

For the first time since 1848, when "The Second Republic" was born, France has chosen a woman, Ségoléne Royal, to represent the hopes of many 'socialist' voters in the coming second round of voting. The left-wing candidate, will ask of voters their confidence, in a country that has nearly as many parties as there are 'appelations d'origine' for its wines (a ZENish exaggeration)...

While landing in second place, in the popular voting for the 'first round', she and front-running UMP candidate Nicholas Sarkozy have distanced centrist candidates like Francis Bayrou, and the 2002 surprise-candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen, the rabid voice of the ultra-right who had outfoxed Socialist candidate Jospin in an upset showing, during the last election of Chirac in 2002.

What's interesting to note, however, is that between Sarkozy and Le Pen,
the voting totals were not hardly higher than 41 per cent, when combined; the combined totals of the 10 other candidates, ranging
from the center to the communist French left, are just under 60 per cent.

And 'Vive la France' for voting: this 2007 first-round election may establish a new French record, if over 84 per cent of eligible French voters have spoken!

The best scenario shows those voting for centrist Francis Bayrou splitting, so there is a very good possibility that Mme Royal could unify the split-left, adding those of Bayrou that are favorable to her vision for France, and its future.

How will these 'coalitions' form, under pretext of offered ministerial posts? What influence will the media have on the French voter, as Sarkozy continues to battle for 'France pour les Français!', while Ségoléne fights for inclusion and the generosity towards the under-privileged classes?

These combined elements could
succeed in destabilizing the 'Sarkozy machine', with bodings of influence through the next US election phase.

How will this pan out? We have two more weeks to find out.

, one might say...

COURAGE, les français, et françaises!

ç*”*”*”*ç*””* ZENmud *””*ç*”*”*””*ç

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