17 April 2007

Bullet Reality: Bush FOR guns and death...

ZENheartz breaking everywhere: a future, a collegian killed, and another! Another!

The violence of America is the Disease of the world... and its future?

This writer abhors violence as you may never understand.

Other writers will write about the 'senseless loss', the 'tragic disconnect', the effect that 'no one would have thought...', friends: it continues, we see it.

I post this AP photo for instructional purposes, of a two-fold nature. It shows four OBESE (well, at least three out of four are overweight) US citizens, in uniforms from various jurisdictions, with a wounded victim between them.

ZENmud wants its readers to understand, that you should NEVER carry any wounded person in this fashion!

NEVER! There are approved methodologies for carrying victims to protect them: this is the WORST possible choice. I tried to Google for a better diagram, but it appears to be too complicated a search at the moment.

I speak with nine years of raft guide experience, in the high Colorado Rockies.

ALWAYS share the load by crossing your arms under the victim's rump, UNLESS you know a reason for not doing so. The best method? I take my left hand, grasp my right forearm, and with my right hand, grasp the left forearm of my partner: he or she does the same, our arms are interlocked and stable, and the patient is not dragged over newspaper boxes! (not that this happened, but you can analogize the rest!)

We who love life, must help those lost in their violent society...

COURAGE, believers of the non-violent future!

ç*”*”*”*ç*””* ZENmud *””*ç*”*”*””*ç

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