07 October 2008

Paulson's MESS: the Emergency Voter Relief Act

America's voters are in a fragile state, due to the persistent destruction of American institutions by the regime in power now, the most craven generation of Republicans since Hoover's. A true cult, a multi–generational 'pay–back' for the 'welfare state' created and expanded since Roosevelt's adoption of 'Keynesian' state action.

Remember the pre–Roosevelt, post–Civil War era?

We Americans were, due to the minimalist structure of the government of that time (just at the dawning of the Industrial Age, throughout the Robber Baron era?), suffering from a series of serious crashes in roughly a ten–year cycle (1873, 1884, 1893, 1907, and 1913). In the last seventy to seventy–five years , since Roosevelt's stability–inducing New Deal began implementation, 'regulation' prevented these regular cyclic 'melt–downs' and panic, reducing their impact far below the levels now being experienced.

And, as an aside, the last panic occurred epochs before the invention of the 24/7 news cycle of incessant superlative–spewing Brainwashing Media influence... Americans are reminded of Panic on Wall Street some 135 times per hour, all networks and considered.

According to an article appearing in last Saturday's International Herald Tribune: How SEC opened path for storm in 55 minutes (Different title Online How U.S. regulators laid the groundwork for disaster: issue of October 4–5, 2008), Henry Paulson was personally part of a five–bank contingent that convinced the SEC Commissioners (in 2005) to exempt their five large firms from debt–limit restrictions on their brokerage units. As writer Stephen Labaton reasons, this allowed those corporations to:

... unshackle billions of dollars held in reserve as a cushion against losses on their investments.... [to] flow up to the parent company, enabling it to to invest in the fast growing but opaque world of mortgage–backed securities, credit derivatives – a form of insurance for bond holders – and other exotic instruments.”

Dismantling regulatory agencies and deregulating commerce: the only speciality of the Bush era not involving the death or wounding of children. Look, people: it's a family history: the Bush family steals money daily from the Treasury, they've done it for two generations!!

But this article is not about the aftermath we are all witnessing, and the Paulson plan, which he apparently designed to allow his personal failures to be supported by the good faith of the world in the ability of future tax receipts taken from the American people. For it is in their name, as Secretary of the Treasury Paulson (to paraphrase an internet cartoon concerning GW Bush: “Can you believe that Henry Paulson has the same job once held by Alexander Hamilton and Samuel Portland Chase?”), that he has perpetrated, through constant mediatized panic–information dissemination, the last great theft of the Bush era.

Bush: the Father of American Socialism.

A plan should be implemented by vote in the House and Senate, through Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, in emergency pre–election sessions of those bodies, for a temporary amendment relaxing the normal transition period that lasts until January 21st, the day of the normal Inauguration of the coming President.

American markets in free–fall, spinning up and down with the hourly news? If an Emergency Voters' Relief Act were passed, the November 4th election results could be certified by November 11th, and Congress could accept them by November 25th.

In wording agreed by bipartisan input and voting, a new special Inaugural Ceremony could be welcomed by voters, markets and leaders around the world, that occurred in the first two weeks of December, such as the 9th of December.

As a so–called 'one time decision' of the US Supreme Court determined the course of US failures in the new Millennium, so now should a 'one–time decision' by Congress announce to the world that the Bush Era, by extra–ordinary legislation of Congress, is to be expeditiously terminated...

... with prejudice.

Republicans, now finding the name Bush to be toxic to the greatest degree known, should see this not even as an attack on their Party or its leadership, but as a means for their own lost convictions, that of a small central government, to be restored as quickly as possible.

George Bush himself, he who has redefined the job as the monotonous period of his life between long vacations, who has thrilled in dismantling...


... the well–functioning government he'd inherited in 2001, would probably welcome a chance to spend Christmas without the burden of exacting more pain upon the people in whose name he has chosen to serve poorly.

A Christmas present to the American people, whether Obama or McCain, would be in knowing that the worst presidency in our nation's history had been 'put to sleep' by “the Doctor's orders”.

As Paulson indicated that his service would not extend past that of his President, the fringe benefits of a Congressional Emergency Voters' Relief Act could include the bringing to an end his monumental fuck–ups (or conjectured deliberate choices – for competitive reasons?), which would certainly aid vast segments of the markets he has consciously and premeditatedly forced into disarray.

The Emergency Voters' Relief Act:

see you at the Inauguration ... in December?

If Congress so chose, the wording of the EVR Act could be transformed by the incoming Congress into an Amendment to the Constitution, with implementation applicable to the following Election in 2012. By doing so, Constitutionalists would not have a bone to gnaw on, regarding an irregular term of office for the man who assumes Presidential powers.

No one would argue, especially not George W Bush, that his term in office is inviolate. Democrats who hold the majority, and exist under a Speaker of the House who unwisely counselled that 'impeachment was off the table', would have a unique rebuke to the idiot–in–Chief, and Republicans would be able to campaign with passive admission that, finally, it's good for them to acknowledge that...

Bush was WRONG

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