16 October 2008

Change of colours for the fall season?


Here at crystelZENmud, aka ZEN Central, we've often thought of renaming this blog “All that my Brother doesn't See”... But it just doesn't denote that sexy star–appeal, so we haven't.

But this column is dedicated to 'that Brother' that many of us have, a brother lost in the RepubliCULT, a brother needing to be de–programmed before he becomes, yet again, and as happens every Four Years, an angry, illogical, unrealistic Manchurian Voter.

When your family must acknowledge that it has lost one of its own, into the evil tentacles of the RepubliCULT, it is often worse than if that person was an alcoholic. Being addicted to
RepubliCULT–mania, is as sickening to a person's soul as if they were an alcoholic, or tobacco addict. They show signs of 'Stockholm Syndrome', the 'thrill' of seeking protection through the very powers that are keeping them hostages, mind and soul lost from Reality. Brainwashing works its evil on them, as repeated images and spoken words trap their mind to 'evidence' that isn't, 'truth' revealed as only propaganda.

RepubliCULT–mania is rather easy, although its marked presence stains the very souls of all who must deal with these irrational beings. They are easily demasked, by the plethora of sayings that are passed through the Cult, which is structured in Cell layers similar to those of Al-Qaida. From email lists, to office water coolers, to FOX NEWS, these RepubliCULT Cells transmit the 'daily sound–bite'.

How many concerned families have heard these addicts say in the last ten days: “Obama is not a bad person...”?

With a sickening feeling, you knew that they were programmed to so act, responding in locksteps to McCain's admonishment to his lagging supply of supporters 'not to kill the opponent', and 'not to fear him', if elected president.

This example is the latest and weakest of the
RepubliCULT period, and it bears repeating the evolution of cultish brainwashing utterances...

“Get over it.”

This was the first of the series, vintage year Y2K, as the RepubliCULT forbade democratic election processes from working out, by utilizing the US Supreme Court to steal Florida's Electoral College votes. Gore was trying 'to steal votes', and the entire RepubliCULT movement began.

“We don't need Kyoto”

This entered the American lexicon in 2001, as Americans watched the first president in US history to 'withdraw' the US 'signature' from an internationally–ratified Treaty. “You're destroying our competitiveness!” they said... we didn't believe them. Retrospectively, the US auto industry, now on total life support, destroyed their own competitiveness by building gigantic SUV fleets, true agents of pollution and environmental destruction. Were they as much a tool of the US oil industry, as were car buyers their own tools?

“It's Clinton's fault”

A phrase that found early and steady use, in every year of the Bush presidency, to deflect ANY criticism off of the present misAdministration. Individuals that used this phrase often were deaf to any rational Truth about Bush... they couldn't dream of taking responsibility for any acts taken by Bush the Lesser (GWB aka “Bush 43”). But we are jumping ahead of ourselves.

“Bomb them back to the Stone Age”

Nearly the essence of RepubliCULTism: after the horrendous failures by the Executive Branch to protect Americans from an assault on its airports, monuments and security, after 'September Eleventh', only RepubliCULTists could be blind enough to not understand that Afghanistan was truly the incongruous country, where Stone Age and SUV collided. They didn't care, that the Taleban were a construct of US ally Pakistan, designed to bring the country into a closer relationship with Pakistan, for geopolitical reasons. Any US citizen raising their voice, in righteous concern of misapplied, overwhelming US force, that any justified US attacks were well–targeted, were confronted with the above phrase, which itself spawned off our next example:

“Collateral damage”

Although first commonly used in the Persian Gulf War, that of Bush the Greater in 1990–91, the media slaked the Americans' lusty thirst for revenge, in late 2001, in sterilizing the killing of civilian babies and siblings under this Rubric of Mass Diversion.

“Axis of Evil”

An Oscar ® –worthy (apologies to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is required) bromide that Bush's handlers hacked up for the State of the Union 2002, the first in US modern history to be based in fantastic lies and false information, solely designed to ramp up the Fear, the underlying quality that Bush's programmed cyborg–like RepubliCULT base in their automaton state. Iraq, Iran, North Korea, became the Dark Hats against which pretzel–choked Cowboy George, the 'idiot son of an asshole' President, could slake his thirst for scaremongering, as happy as when he shot rabbits as a child.

“March to War”

It became an onslaught by ABCBSNBCNNFOXMSNBC in every sense, on all our senses, when the logic of attacking Al–Qaida was not producing the necessary Rovian (for Karl Rove, the Uber–mensch director of Bush's actions) political momentum. The 'Dead or Alive' bin Laden kept eluding our Army, but that became okay, they were told, because Bush told his CULT that bin Laden 'really was irrelevant'. But did the RepubliCULT flinch, at this 180° flip–flop? No: Iraq became the leading role, and the universal Mainstream Media (MSM) became agencies of propaganda, with undeniable bias presented in 24/7 media coverage, throughout the summer and fall of 2002. The Congressional elections were the Victory Bush was seeking, not any reduction in Terrorism. He achieved that: one of Bush's party's crowning achievements was the removal of Max Cleland from his seat in Georgia.

“Mushroom Cloud”

One of George's 'Aces' up his sleeve: sending Dick Cheney, the dangerous mad Vice President, and Condaleeza Rice, his gay National Security Director, onto the Sunday TV sets with constant and controlled messages of how Saddam could destroy the Eastern US seaboard, RepubliCULTists gorged on fear, and had Cell-relayed talking points to stifle rational opposition to this second War in two years.

“Mission Accomplished”

Does anything reek worse than arrogance unleashed? Bush, ever in the quest of more 'Show–Me' photo–ops, defined arrogance with his postured landing on a US aircraft carrier, after the Rumsfeld–designed Iraqi invasion had rushed into Baghdad, in an effort to surround and protect the US Government's true objective: the Iraqi Ministry of Oil. Having achieved this, in spite of all rational predictions by a broad array of US Retired and present Command Staff, Bush's supporters achieved unanimity in quashing dissension, just as Press Secretary Ari Fleischman was warning that 'certain people should watch what they say, watch what they do.' Your brother, your RepubliCULTist sibling, started telling you (or continued to...) you were Un–American, treasonous, communist, terrorist sympathizers. All that and more, while Bush actually didn't perceive his failures, and his misAdministration's failures, to accurately plan and accomplish the 'liberation' phase, while ignoring the 'Occupation' and 'counter–insurgency'.

“The War President”

Settling in for the long–term, Bush started to show the signs of how much he really hated the United States, ignoring requests to speak to Congress about the 9–11 Commission, seeking and justifying Torture, introducing the Patriot Act. Wiretapping, ENRON, California's associated electrical cost fire–storm; these were a few of Bush's favourite stings...


Only a RepubliCULT, and its supporting Mainstream Media, could stigmatize a true US warrior through the purchased lies of numerous US veterans, paid to lie, and whose lies were widespread and repeated incessantly through the MSM. Having prolonged the Iraq war, the hidden–Saddam cave, the Jessica Lynch fantasy rescue, 2004 was a masterstroke for the the Master Deceiver, Karl Rove's vision held for the last time, as he orchestrated a rout of Rationality, defeating the lacklustre candidate John Kerry.

“Terror Alert Level Orange”

RepubliCULTists couldn't stop spinning, as each new anti–Bush statistic or factoid was countered by the Department of Homeland Security's issuance of a new 'terror threat'... and dutiful RepubliCULTists scurried like scared rats to stores that stocked Duct tape and plastic.

“Save Social Security”

As we wondered 'why the rush?', Bush's minions put Panic Mode into effect in the late summer of 2006, decrying the fatality of Social Security being able to survive in its governmentally–operated structures. It had to be privatized, instantly, now, with no national dialogue. A bold move to shift massive amounts of money into private Wall Street Fiefdoms, Bush and Rove's last gasp attempt to force an electorate to jump through the hoops and bark at the moon, was the start of the downfall of this former Super Bowl–worthy political team. (BTW: They never wanted you to know the simple solution, the solution needed once per generation. By a modest rise in the salary–ceiling (from 96K to, say: 116K) from which SS contributions were made, the funding methodology would be updated from the last time that exercise happened, in the first Reagan administration.

And your very own RepubliCULT brother, throughout these events, reminded you, being the only one of the two whose outlook was based in Reality, in Rational Logic, that you were a 'kneejerk liberal' (often emailed as KJ, or KJL), 'un–American', 'in league with the terrorists'. You were treasonous, a 'surrender monkey', who didn't have any idea how much 'they hate us for our freedoms'.

But you know that's untrue: watch any scene from Iraq, Palestine, or elsewhere, and see how they are wearing Nikes, NY Yankees shirts, listening to US rap, watching US films (although we might concede they could be rooting for 'the bad guys'...)

How did you survive these years of insanities?

Easily: you knew that the majority of the world thought as you do, and you knew that, together, we were witnessing the first openly Outlaw misAdministration in US history: a Rogue State in essence.

This inner strength of a Liberal, is the true great tradition of the United States.

The Country can survive the Big Government Spending of the RepubliCULT War President.

The Country can survive the Massive Deficits of the RepubliCULT War President.

The Country can survive the Torture of the RepubliCULT War President.

The Country can survive the Lying of the RepubliCULT War President.

The Country can survive the Legacy of the RepubliCULT War President.

But it will not be easy to reverse the damage; especially since Deregulation was highlighted in these, the last two months (barring unforeseen irregularities or further 'illegal' actions by the War President, and his RepubliCULT). There is no assurance, that the MSM won't turn against Obama the minute his Administration starts taking strides to reduce Corporate Welfare, to create balanced Foreign Policy, to boost the true economic engine of the US economy: the working classes.

Be very proud, as the Liberal you are, to be concerned for our planet's environment, our energy independence, our children, and their children's futures.

Be very proud that your Liberal forebears were those who established the mechanisms that prevented Great Depressions for eighty years, who gave women the right to vote.

Even when they vote for the RepubliCULT.

Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do..

___çç*******/ ZENmud \*******çç___


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