02 September 2008

One Hundred and 2 Score years ago...

It took how many generations, how much hate, how many different prejudices, white against black, and black against white, to arrive here today; to an American election that pits a Black Democrat against a White Republican?

Too many... are we not presented today, with the election for which Abe Lincoln died?

This post needs to be short on words and long on thought-stimulation... think about the long history, of race in America: the deaths of prominent Black Americans, the deaths of poor lynching victims, thousands of falsely-accused Americans hounded by over-zealous prosecutors throughout the South, and of course the rest of the United States, where prejudices also flourished.

As ZENmud Central revamps its fall lineup, and prepares to join in the demystification of US politics for a world-wide audience, with an admitted tilt to the LEFT of center, here's a thought regarding the ALASKAN SNOWSTORM that is bearing down on John McCain...

As if you, the reader, were my most staunch Republican Brother, I'd say this to either of you: "what I see, in the 'tea leaves' of this McCain campaign choice, is that of a man who hardly ever reads the legislation for which he casts his name in voting, so do I see a man who 'trusted' someone else to TELL HIM who his running mate should be..."

Would you trust your country to a man that chose Joe Biden?

Would you trust your country to a man that chose Sarah Palin?

Will her candidacy survive Gustav or St Paul?

ONLY Friday knows... It's got some short Kneel-ish time still to go...

And it was a strong message, was it not, when Senator Obama took the issue of an oppnent's daughter's pregnancy off the political mud-map?

Certainly it displays more 'sense' than we are used to from either side recently...

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