19 February 2008

long overDEW... a ZENmud TdF 2007 home video

Some things are nearly worth waiting for...

(some more than others?!)

A long winter seems over, and thoughts are turning back to our world of cycling, here below the northern French Alpes.

It was only some months ago, that ZENmud posted an item: Tour de France: Saturday to Grand Bornand, which displays what has long been an annual ZEN saga: finding a cycling day to observe and enjoy the Tour de France, as it finds it's way closest (to within 100 km of Geneva) to ZEN Central. We posted the article last July, and today, we are finally enjoying the fruits of editing it for your pleasure, at Youtube.

Enjoy this homemade brew of a film!

Note if you wish, four events of 'total ZENia'...

  • The setting for this, is a sharp turn, with a beautiful stone 'pont' or bridge, that hides the 12++ meter drop to the small brook below. It was probably not farther than about 6 kilometers from Scionzier, the town below this Col. A ways into the film, you'll see one guy in a white cap and long white shorts, walk to the inside of the corner, at midpoint over the bridge: CHILDREN DO NOT DO THIS AT A CYCLING RACE! NEVER.

  • You may see very early, a blue cloud of pollution, from the most disgusting French police Peugeot 106, that spewed its way at unsafe speeds up through the tight turns we found: the shot taken was nearly 20 seconds after the car passed: that's proof of the magnitude of his motor problem! (one would think one would not want to bring one's WORST vehicle to a bike race, but then: ZEN is NOT a French gendarme, c'est clair!)

  • The small boy, yelling 'KEEEM!' repetitively, was the nephew of LUX. rider Kim Kirchen; his enthusiasm overwhelmed us, as he waited and screamed for his uncle...

  • At the point where you hear your Humble Narrator saying 'Fabio', you'll hear the ZENphone playing some Pink Floyd, in harmony with the B-52s

So, well, anyway, this is not a profound post... sorry for the delay: JUST A four-minute moment for you ZENers to enjoy one of many reasons to live in Europe...

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© 2008

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