20 June 2007

2008 ELECTION made easy...

Here's a short and sweet post, against the tide of recent long ZENramblings...

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City, announced this week his change of Party affiliation, reducing the number of multi-billionaire Republicants by exactly one.

As an 'independent' some voices claim that the man is ready to 'explore' his candidacy as a 3P (third-party) candidate for President.

And I wonder how this could happen, if he actually wins? Remember, he was a life-long Democrat, until he chose to run for mayor as a Republicant.

And remember a ZENfactoid: 122,293,332 people took a 2004 Presidential ballot (if we discount DIEBOLD machine-voting 'anomalies', stolen or lost votes from overseas, the usual hijinx).

So we could guess, that some 63,000,000 (or more) votes would win the next election.

The 2004 campaigns are estimated to have cost some $703 MILLION dollars, totally.

Giving for inflation, let's say that 65 million people would decide the next election (if we have one?!).

Let's say that the totals spent (very ummm, 'conservatively' estimated) could be 800 million.

This works out to about $12 per person...

Why don't we just start SELLING the presidency?

Bloomy! Man I got a deal for you: we're auctioning off the White House (aren't we? Ask your favorite Bushie-in-law, or CheneyFAN), it's between you and 'two others'...

How much would you bid?



Just curiously...

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