01 July 2007


Dear ZEN'ers...

With the summer comes long fun frolicking evenings, and you can forgive a ZENish guy for taking the time to profit from real-space and real-time friends, aspects which leave little time to get back into regular posting.

Especially now that ALL the World is as aware as you and I, what travesties remain behind the inTOTALcompetence of this Bush misAdministration.
But this phenomenon of the skies

(ZENmud was once a student of
meteorology and astronomy, before his life took him skiing for thirteen years!) and the lovely photo bears a posting. The phenomenon is newly discovered (or witnessed), and in English they are known as 'Noctilucent clouds'.

An excerpt from the site
Livescience (With this article , entitled Mysterious Clouds Creeping Out of the Artic photo credit
Veres Victor/NASA):

A new NASA satellite has recorded the first detailed images from space of a mysterious type of cloud called “night-shining” or “noctilucent."

The clouds are on the move, brightening and creeping out of polar regions, and researchers don't know why.

"It is clear that these clouds are changing, a sign that a part of our atmosphere is changing and we do not understand how, why or what it means," said atmospheric scientists James Russell III of Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. "These observations suggest a connection with global change in the lower atmosphere and could represent an early warning that our Earth environment is being changed."

As is often the case, a new phenomenon like this must be studied and pursued, prior to hasty conclusions being drawn. But! Will our 'Panic! To increase our media SALES' TV and newspaper friends exploit again your fears, or help you to understand what this may actually mean? STAND CALM, friends: we'll know soon enough. But tomorrow's a good day to cycle, or take the bus to work (As ZENman has for the last ten years...).


ç*””*”*”*ç*””* ZENmud *””*ç*”*”*””*ç

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