17 April 2009

Letter to the President: TWO

Hello Mr. Obama,

This posted memo to your desk will be short. And fun!...

Why hasn't Elizabeth Warren been offered the Top Job at Treasury already? As strong a choice as she was for the oversight role on TARP, couldn't she do more for you, and us?

The woman who is the Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard Law School can make Jon Stewart compliment her for providing 'financial chicken soup' to the nation, is certainly one who understands what's going in, and coming out, of the TARP and PPIP and general shenanigans that are creating the sour taste in the collective 'mouth of America'.

What these three segments of the Jon Stewart show... (you may want to open int a 'new window'!)...

First, Mr President, your daughters may want to come back after you send them away from watching the Intro!

The woman is 'America as Apple pie, exudes confidence, understands bankruptcy, and who states 'Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without Hell'

Hell's Bells, Mr. President, she can save our system, by reminding those who merit failing to do so! Don't wait another week: I know Tim Geithner would be just as happy to have someone further away from the sources of the problem to make the cake that needs to be baked.

Do it soon, or do it sooner?

Oh, one last comment: does the US government need a new website for every concept? I hope setting up sites like financial stability.gov isn't a three-month delay on the actual work being done...

Well, your hands are full, Mr. President, with assault weapons in Mexico, so Hasta luego!

___çç*******/ ZENmud \*******çç___

© 2009

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