04 March 2009

Defense spending

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There's only one industry that is structured like the US Defense industry, and that IS the US Defense industry.

MEMO: to the US President (Obama)
SUBJECT: Reforming the US Defense industry

DATE: 4 March 2009

Mr. President, America may not be able to survive the perpetual growth machine that is the symbiotic US Defense budget and Defense industry, if present conditions prevail much longer.

Data shows that increasingly, moneys that could be spent on We, The People...

... are being squandered by snickering businessmen and colluding, procurement-deciding Generals (or Admirals) who have hidden their nefarious and conjointly conspired acts under the bleating sounds of 'patriotism'.

This short memorandum proposes that the President of the USA ask his
Defense Secretary to outline how the various big-dollar projects currently 'in the pipeline' could be renegotiated. Such renegotiations could be modelled in a future DoD White Paper, analyzing how the pharmaceutical industry brings its products to market.

The parallels far outweigh the differences:

  • Long and costly development times;
  • Pre-release testing (hopefully without, in the case of the Defense industry, 'Collateral Damage' to citizens of Nevada, California, and elsewhere), and
  • COSTS absorbed afterwards for the development process, through exclusive (but not 'patented') sales.

Consider how procurement for new Air Force 'toys' is handled today... happy marketing reps shower junkets and bimbos on US Congresspeople and high Pentagon commanders, at off-shore resorts or in Las Vegas, while promising the sun and moon for a ridiculously-low price... and then the 'added costs' inflate the bills by 200 to 1000 percent.

The American People, who are trying to stay afloat in the economic mess that you inherited from Bush the Lesser and his punk Republicant collaborators, would see your assertive reallignment of this issue as a true systemic change: the American Way!

New Fighter project: prove it flies and we'll buy!

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