02 June 2008

All washed up? Is the Symptom great than the disease?


Here at ZENmud Productions, the question of 'utility' often arises.

Today, and recently, a focus goes towards the utility of discussing 'global warming', when Ninety per cent of Car owners don't think about just reducing their OWN use maybe... 25 per cent?

(FYI: could be as little as one car–pool per week, and twice to the store on a bicycle... unless you're a mileage–maniac (smile)... can't be done?).

They shouldn't feel oppressed, not by these small words: Brazil hasn't stopped cuttin' down its gorgeous great forests, although the pace has slowed somewhat in the last few year trend. India and China, with their home corporations (and those Occidental companies that are in the hunt) and rising middle class, are going to pump out Three Million New Cars each in the next FIVE years.

Know what? They want your gasoline...

Guess what? The people they're negotiating with are all neighbors without a tie to the Occupation by the USA of Iraq...

So the 'utility' thought is we're all on the same sled sliding somewhere swiftly down a silent slippery slope.

Hold that thought a second:

A lingering aftertaste from a family 'argument', recently provoked thoughts here, at the fertile imagination found at ZEN Central... You may have one of these 'die–hard' Bush–loving RepubliCANTS in your family...

We at ZEN Central share your pain...

Cherish that aftertaste of amazement as those brothers, or others, whose constant1984+20denials render the maligned Ostriche one of the great decision–makers of our times, a species par excellence, in comparison. RepubliCANTs, however, will prognosticate sans cesse for another fifty years, over the reality of Global Warming.

It isn't too late, one hears, but you must feel in your heart, that it... is?

And so, as typhoons wreak havoc in Southern Myanmar, as the 2008 “killer–spring tornado season” rips swathes, houses and souls apart: consider


Every evening, storms that are hatching across the US Tornado Belt, as Snow continues to fall in the high Colorado Rockies before Memorial Day, or over 3,200m in the Alpes...

Weeks of rain continue across much of Western Europe, (have you seen Roland Garros?) and we here at ZEN Central are wondering now, somewhat, if the world should focus away from the disease of Global Warming, towards one of its principal symptoms: maybe the real reality is that we are really entering an Age of Humidity:

Global Humidification?

The symptoms of a disease can become quite distinct.

Here, on our planet, whose surface area is 71 per cent water, the symptoms of overheating such a mass of water are cruelly imposed, to excessive amounts in certain zones, while exacerbated drought regions are enduring their cruel situations, far off the prevaling winds that are inundating other neighbors.

Global Humidification?

In the Swiss–Italian mountains of Ticino, last month, one village enjoyed (?) some 127 L/m2, across a span of twelve hours. Consider the storm surges, the tidal waves, the devastation wrought, bringing tens or over a hundred thousand of Burmese deaths, as a result of Typhoon Nargis.

One doesn't have to have studied Meteorology, and certainly it is hard to confirm annually–occurring events as conclusive evidence of the 'changing climate' that most rationalists believe. Lest we forget, the summer that followed the Katrina–Rita–Summer of 2005 was more beneficent towards those regions: fewer, lighter hurricanes or depressions and many doubters scoffed.

However, given evidence of 'warmest years' or 'warmest decades' and other such drastic accolades, there are numerous confirmative reasons that substantiate the preponderant climate–change theories.

So what to make of Global Humidification (“gH”)?

When confined systems are heated intrinsically, they often run closer to a pressurized failure point, or they edge toward instability. As hurricanes, tornados and typhoons rage, through region by desolated region, we may be witnessing Switzerland transformed into a warm–temperate Rain Forest, with certain climate similar to the California Sequoia forests of dozens of millions of years ago; similar to those foothills of the Northern Italian Alpine valleys.

gH: is it any long–run benefit?

This change towards ancestral warm climates that once gave us those beautiful Redwood forests, which are only remaining now as pocket–sized remnants of their former wide territories?

Territories for plants and animals are not as adaptive as humans to change. Where go the Marmots, from high Colorado meadows, who rise from slumbering hibernations into meadows freshly–warmed, yet still unyielding of their vital vegetation?

In numerous articles or works discussing Global Warming, the table turned always to the rising Sea Levels, that would inondate the low–lying coastlines, in Florida, India or elsewhere...

But is that going to happen, if over–heated water masses unleash more increasingly–energetic climactic storm events? In theory, it could... wouldn't an Ice Age start not only from cold, but more precipitation?

Global Humidification: what effect will gH have on crops, farming habits, marketed regional specialities?

What studies discuss Global Humidification? ... and the impact of Violent Storms? [NB: Google Scholar, on 'Global humidification' shows ZERO hits...]

The future of this issue – Global Humidification – is very robust, one would think. Greater open surface levels at northern and southern Polar regions; greater water vapour energy movements from solar–ocean evaporation; increasingly desalinated polar regional ocean zones...

The answer is not yet here...

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