19 May 2008


How can one possibly be assured that Global Warming is not a myth?

It's really more simple than one could imagine: visit any 'chat room' that pits an American RepublicanT against, dare we say it: those of us living in the rational, real world, and 'watch' the insults fly out of the mouths of these RepublicanT demagogues...

“Dumb–ass libs”

“Knee–jerk libs”

“Stupid libs”

What one can note from such displays of personal insecurity, of entranced and entrenched adhesion to the failures of a Bush era gone to hell, in the complicity of the worse–than–ever American Media (MSM: mainstream media), is their swift ability to attack the very people that, assuredly, will extend to them a hand in the coming turbulent times.

It will be liberals, in the American sense, that restore some dignity to the national palate, after again an eight year period that perpetuated the Republican's third WAR FOREVER opus (After the War on Communism, and the War on Drugs, we 'won' the right to endure the Republicans' War on Terrorism).

And if by some miracle, the Democratic Party does not win seventy per cent of the House and Senate, Americans will continue to wonder how illegal voting machines are used in every State, how illegal disenfranchisement 'computer screens' are implemented in States like Florida, and how the MSM works night and day, to twist every covered story (remember the ZENmud Law on Journalism: often what IS NOT covered, is more important than what IS...) to give it the lustre of 'Reps GOOOOOD, Dems BAAAAD'.

So, in the European press this weekend, it was announced that the rising global temperature ranges, have rendered the south–eastern band of the United States into the proper climate for expansion of the Giant Python's territory.

Read an article on the Florida Python craze, here.

And as the existence of blind Republican trolls isn't a stranger to the ZEN family (biological or social), those who live in the Rockies are amazed that 'global warming means more snow! Bring it on!', while those closer to ZEN Central (throughout the Swiss–French–Netherlands–Italian ranges), often in the high echelons of banking management, are content to bitch about high oil prices, while fueling up their SUVs or Maseratis or whatever.

Do pythons, capable of attaining five meters' length, suddenly infesting the Everglades and other Floridian swamps, bode well for your little FIDO in the Louisiana bayous? Put it this way... Fido has already survived smaller snakes, alligators and who knows what... but will curiosity better then native defenses of your small furry ball of happiness? The slithering snaky sounds amplified into an Indiana–Jonesian mythic dimension, could find Toto tampering with destiny.

And, in the spirit of ZENmud, since this photo
in the EVERGLADES is from 2005, are we sure that these beasts, capable of swimming over sixty kilometers in several hours, are not here to stay? Or that this old-news is surfacing without other mitigating motivations?

So when evidence of 'side benefits', such as Colorado (or Alpine) snows in May make one laugh, while cities swelter already and the typhoon season has destroyed Myanmar's coastal territories and, in the Alpen valleys of the Swiss Ticino (Italian linguistic and border region of CH), one town registered 137 liters of water per square meter, during twelve hours, last Saturday: remember your math?

One square meter = 10.76391 sq. ft.

One liter = 61.023744 cubic inches

So 137 L / 12 hours = 11.42 L/hr = (+/-) four inches per hour?

Of such numbers (and here at ZENmud, we certainly enjoy being corrected mathematically: a discipline that was given up between High School and University, for several reasons...), 'Biblical Proportions' becomes an understatement. No news of flooding, such as we remember from the Big Thompson Flood, that hit Colorado in the late 1970s...

What ends this piece is the observation that, to avoid communal catastrophes, one has to have a heart and ability to: a) want to hand a better planet to those who follow us; b) have the mental moral strength to self–impose the limitations of lifestyle that allow for –a– to happen; c) not get lost in the greed of 'keeping up with the Jones', that permits the free–rider mentality to impose egotism as if it was not one factor of the biggest (if not in nearly every) crime(s) against humanity...

Just as the grandmothers of today's Conservatives, were given (in the USA) the right to vote by the Liberal voters of that era, so to are the Conservatives of today (and many gas-guzzling liberal automobile owners) going to be, of necessity, brought along, screaming and whining and bitching about 'Damn Liberals' messing with the Universe 'as they wanted and knew it'...

But the sound bite and slander cannot stand in the way of the Truth OR the Reality... very much longer.

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