05 March 2008

So viele Gedächtnisse

Guten Tage, Matthias...

You've awaken maybe, by now, from the induced coma that allowed your conscious mind a delay in facing the reality of the nearly-tragic accident during your last ever World Cup race.


Other sites may show photos or videos of Matthias Lanzinger, but those won't be shared here. The severity of your fall - the fate of destiny when you relaxed in approaching the gate that clipped your helmet - the ski that stayed attached.

These occurrences literally happened in the long blink of an eye. As your falling body turned, your leg stayed aligned with the ski that provided inertia, sufficient to do the damage you'll endure in re-education to enter your new life.

Matthias, your reality is changed, and your constitution can change also. Long ago, ZENmud had a casual friend who lived in the high Colorado Rockies. He was a fabulous strong skier, a roofing contractor, and a coach to the US Disabled Ski Team, as it was known in the Eighties.

His tragic accident was actually worse than yours: while discussing the job at hand, on a roof three stories over the Colorado mountainside, he neglected his nail gun while shouting to other crew members. Unconsciously, he hit his knee while holding the trigger in: a 16penny nail blew into the knee, and created such a shock, that he then fell to the ground, some 16 meters or more below.

Both legs amputated, a future as a skier lost?

HELL NO, Matthias.

I heard afterwards, that in his hospital room, he was all positive, all the time! (His girlfriend had earlier been on a week-long raft trip with myself, other friends, and her former husband: after their divorce, we remained friends, and this ski-coach/carpenter entered Julie's life)

But his fierce competitive determination found a new outlet, word was out that he was saying: "HELLFIRE and damnitall! Now I don't have to be a coach on the Disabled Team: I can go win my own damn Gold Medal, as a double amputee!"

Matthias, we can never undo what someone doesn't let us undo, when that IS possible; when not possible, we can only do what we determine we must do.

Be true to your Self, Matthias, and be true to the sport you love. When you've healed, think about a way to ski and win again, you know you have that power.

Gutes Glück, mein Bruder

___çç*******/ ZENmud \*******çç___
© 2008

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