17 December 2017

"Go West"

... You'll be safer and smarter... Oh boy

Freedom is a 28 year old brother
Being mad at the dumb shit high school guys do...
Then stoning up together.
Cinematography?  Why not!  Proposed a BFA in the vein of Kubrick, Bergman and Nyqvist... but fie on thee, evil professors who signed my contract, then retired a month later.

So ski to live, live to die, I
Thrilled to the second childhood

In deep snows, weaved ribbons
In runs that
Melted, down floated canyons of
Red rock and blue
Skies so vast and clear, certain that no
One day could be worse but now
Love called, yet hid the torments to come, and
Smarter (I thought)
To educate myself.
On many things
Brings a tear to my eyes:

I flew away dreamer boy...
Treaty said I
Scorned experts spurned me,
Then two women burned me
Yet epic the decade, plus two
Years being Drew
On top of Europa

Switzerland flew
By and bye bye,
With Bush economics
Parlor tricks killed
Visions of never
Breathing the beautiful
Air of my home,
Coyotes roam, above
Political bullshit
So sit and recount me
Where from we thought he
Couldn't be worse than he is.
2018 will bring a new
New meanness or end this
Don't you SEE?

© 2017 zenmud productions

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