20 November 2011

Fourth Annual crystelZENmud World Peace Award 2011

There comes a time on every inhabited Planet, when a developmental juncture leads in two directions; towards oppressive Fascism, or towards an reinvigorated 'Enlightenment', born of Reason, and running joyfully away -- from 'Despair'.

Our Planet Earth has passed a Century in global strife, for the economic control of primary Resources as a function of Market Domination. There is little dispute (except from the Controlling Class) as to the gains generated by the exportation of Death Toys, the domination via hegemonic wars, the fine art of Conquest Capitalism.

Fascists around the globe, sitting in Control Class positions (Central Banks, Governments, CEO-ranking Industrialists, Media CEOs and their 'faces'), assured themselves of their invincibility, inevitability, in perpetuity...

Until 2011.

In a global arising, first directed against Dictators of the Arab countries, and then against, in egalitarian spirit, the vast network of the One Percent, voices of the People echoed in strident demands. From Tunisia, Egypt, and other Arab lands, to Wisconsin and America, in Greece and Spain, Europe's States declared that they also, were loathe to continue being subjected to the whims of the Dictators (Economic) who had gambled with States' tax and revenue streams.

This small blog, as a voice of Logic and Reason, has unanimously awarded its Fourth Annual Global Peace Award 2011 to a vast contingent of disparate voices, seeking the Better World of Tomorrow, in their State, their Country, their Planet.

They are WE: the Ninety-Nine Percent, who seek to raise and educate healthy children, while working productively in an unbiased Economy, free to Associate and Voice their Opinions.

They are WE: the Ninety-Nine Percent, who recognize the failings of US-modeled Capitalism, as taught in Business Schools to US and Foreign-born students.

They are WE: who choose to stand up to Fascism in individual Protests, amassing a Common Voice and thereby Singing the Praises of our Life on Earth, shared until we die.

They are WE: and We are ALL

... and although we have not won yet, not in the USA, not in North America, not in all the Americas, not in All the Planet, WE will WIN... Tomorrow.

And the rest of this Millennium will be Good.

/°/***/°/* crystelZENmud *\°\***\°\
© 2011

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