11 March 2011

It takes a year, sometimes: inside the US and out

Wisconsin's somehow-majority Republican Fascist anti-American War Party members fired a shot reminiscent of Adolph Hitler's first anti-union strike in 1933, today, in decoupling their fiscal responsibility Bill from their anti-union posturing, and turning same into a true fight against Labour.

So be it... yet is Wisconsin ready for a reintroduction of Hitlerian fascism?

You can read any source anywhere... and if you're reading this, welcome! What an honour to have caught your eyes for mere breaths of time, moments of life, the pulsing of bloodstreams throughout our mutual beings... yet without comments from you, gentle Readers, we at ZEN Central have no clue of your satisfaction, your inquiring mind, wanting to absorb... the nexus of momentum analysed by our trusty gnomish brains...

Something about the "Arab Street"... as Thomas Friedman used to say it, many other pundits included those words as if describing something they 'knew'. And they may by far 'know it' more than I do, but there may be a difference.

I don't want to 'understand' the "Arab Street" through any Western prism.

I'd hope to understand a small part of it, through a 'native prism'... how Libyans have found the courage, individually and 'in numbers', to affront a 'Supreme Guide qua Dictator', and forage through their own belongings to constitute the arms of a real 'Army of Liberation'... anyone who can stand up to Ca-Daffy Duck (aka Gaddafi),as this man evidently will... (photo AP) ... is worthy of governing their tribal lands, maybe even a country.

Will they be 'democratic', or some form of simple dictator (let's face reality, somewhat... it remains to be seen, in Tunisia, Egypt or Libya (if!), whether some insane Bush-dream of 'democracy' is going to 'show up' just like CNN cameras to a hurricane neighbourhood, or whether some modern alternative to both dictatorships or democracy breeds new life into Saharan countries.

Wisconsin's pressure-cooker-Legislature put that State into a clear position supporting Fascist business/government alliances that won't resolve budget problems, and also serve to provoke a strong anti-Fascist wave of discontent that is perfectly malleable as we posture ourselves this summer for the next US marathon presidential inquisition (of 'new blood').

Is Scott Martin's regurgitation of Hitler's Main Early Manoeuvres enough to pull the Wisconsin 'Arab' into the streets of Madison? A great many people question how rabid are the not-nationally-known Wisconsin Republicans, their insidiously lock-step Tea Party allies, and how far towards Berlin 1938 they could possibly move?

While Sarkozy trotted home tonight, after (mais bien sûr!) realizing his image-makers had struck a coup (he smirks, not un-Bush-like) with their suggestion that he JUMP on the Libyan-rebel bandwagon, thus allowing him to pretend that he has actually done anything substantive, the rest of the EU was prancing out of step with Napoléon Sarkozy. Tant pis, Nico!

Wisconsin? Libya? Hitler? Ca-Daffy (Duck!)? Walker?

Funny, that: Walker and his people (inside and supporters outside) are probably thinking they are the 'opposition'... but Poli Sci 101 tells us different.

Oh, for the opposites that attract... hungry Libyans long-fatigued by Ca-Daffy-ism, in a similar place with the Wisconsin pro-Labour movement, protesting the incumbent and succeeding in their principal tasks, where those go towards bettering the lives of the greater number of citizens.

This late night ramble rumbles out of this keyboard, and into your screen...

Viva Libya!
Viva 'the Street'!

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