22 December 2010

Slip-Slidin' Into 2011, Slip-Slidin' Awayyyy

Thanks to gorgeous friend(s), ZEN Central has been reinvigorated and is ready to welcome in a New Year in several days...

Li'l ZENers, your Humble Narrator has fully--recovered from his 'life-transplant surgery', which extracted a beautiful set of Swiss Years, and replaced them with the ever--home'ish locale of Vail, Colorado.

As a reminder of what NOT to do, during your holiday driving, the following YouTube shows a minute and a half of pure panic for one driver, three other (previously-collided) vehicle owners, and a Canton de Genève snowplow driver...

Hold on to your chair!

Did you hold on??

Or notice the car that was 'catapulted' from the bottom of the row?!

How do the Cantonal insurers for their snowplow service enjoy watching this? Evidence of 'inadequate tires'?? Hmmmmm.

Friends in Switzie have also something beautiful to await next spring or summer: the arrival of Roger Waters' "The Wall" 2011 European Tour... anyone wanting to buy me a ticket? I'll fly for that one!

Here's a taste of his first show in Canada last September:

And a website for information on dates (if not already sold out?).

A warm Pagan Solstice Holiday wish to ZENers of any Deity's denomination or wiccan, atheist or otherwise...

Hug yourself, and ZEN hugs for all!

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© 2010

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