20 April 2010

United Kingdom Declares Icelandic Volcano a "Terrorist Act"

You heard it here first, li'l ZENers!

For the second time in two years, Gordon Brown's government has declared the eruption of Icelandic volcanoes to be 'Terrorist Acts', and found Iceland to be violating the Anti-
Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001!
(or read The BBC, Guardian or TIME magazine's coverage!)

Such was their misguided resort to 'solving' problems in 2008, for the greater peril of Iceland's hard-working and hardy citizenry... and this satiric post at crystelZENmud reminds you that the interrelationships between our commercial and political entities remain ever-entwined, interlaced...

You can also explore this Icelandic site, which offers commentary on the British action(s).

Private Industry reacted yesterday, to this enforced shut-down; claims of losses were for some 35 million Euros attributed to Air France, as well as SAS, which claimed a four-day loss of some 29m Euros, and British Airways, which claimed between 17 and 26m Euros from the total 'paralysis'.

Interestingly, it appears that Air France has claimed much more than airlines whose base countries are somewhat closer to the epicenter of the volcanic clouds; is anyone going to take a fine-tooth comb to their 'subscribed losses' before granting EU aid under Article 107.2, which allows aid to entities that suffered from 'natural catastrophes' in the origin of their losses. As reported in Le Monde (en français), such aid is available on a non-discriminatory basis, "and cannot act as a disguised aid towards restructuring"...

Will Brown declare Iceland's geologically-active landscape to be a 'Terrorist threat'? Maybe he learned his lesson back in October 2008... ZENers can sleep well, tonight, if Gordon Brown didn't do it already, he probably won't pursue this fallacious course of action!

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