16 January 2010

Farewell Hermance... 'allo Denver!!!

On y est, ... 'c'est partie!'

How do you avoid clichés, at those times when no words come but?

"End of an era..."
"A new door opening..."
"A new dawn rising..."

But truly... when a nearly-thirteen year chapter closes, the transition doesn't begin and end with packing or unpacking of suitcases... it doesn't shut off once the door closes on a new 'Temporary ZENworld HQ'...

The mysteries continue... are ZEN's en-route boxes being used for shooting practice, by a range of international Postal employees, who may think it's funny, the sound of glass shards tinkling to the bottom of the box each time they roll it over? (Actually, the first box, containing a wooden antique bookcase, arrived with a six-inch gash just at the upper corner of the wooden item... yet the 'damage' seemed no more than 'cardboard-"rug"-burns' from rubbing against its jolly container-mates... and the bevelled glass door seems intact!

ZEN's first Saturday... in America... in North America... in the USA, since he left his Wolf Sister newly-married to the Good Man she found.

This video is dedicated to 'US', WE the happy few, the ZEN family that knows where and how they walk amidst those whose primary function apparently is Feeding the Beast. (don't understand? Try reading Hesse's book
Demian), and learn about the concept of avant-garde, and or the mere perceptions of that phenomenon.

Here's a magic moment, provided by the ZENeye... a ZENmud production...

(copyright 2009 ... another ZENmud productions)

Folks, the biorhythms announce 'nap two' for a late-Friday, early-Saturday bio-fried system... enjoy the music and lights from the Geneva
Festival des arbres et lumières

___çç*******/ ZENmud \*******çç___
© 2010

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