26 August 2008

Chinese Appleseed

China Appleseed

"Welcome back my Friends, to the show which only ends (during vacation months)..."

At ZEN Central, intimitely associated with WADAwatch, this has been a summer of renewal, much as is hoped for by a great majority of buzzed, shocked American citizens, waking up from their eight-year nightmare, realizing (sadly only a few) that the Media who feeds the greater majority of them, the overwhelming majority of content / information that they absorb, has literally gone insane...

"China Appleseed" refers to the belief held here at ZEN Central, that the equation:

'Human Rights <> China <> Olympics'

... is not to be labeled a catastrophy, at this point.

We have now witnessed the 'Implantation' phase, and we await the 'Germination' phase. How is that?

Think! In a society enclosed by its directors, few signs enter from abroad, about the strident pleas of NGOs, politicians and citizens of the world, to 'reform China now!'...

But, in presenting the Olympics as a showcase of 'China', the country was invaded by the hordes of Athletes, armies of journalists, photographers and videographers, fans and families, friends and rich showboating capitalists, many of whom owe a great part of their success to the ability to manufacture at very low costs within China these last two decades or so...

The Directors of China, its president and Central Committees, can think that they showed China to the world, but: for the very first time, great throngs of Chinese observed tangential scenes surrounding the events in multiple occasions... the volunteers, Chinese or 'imported', interacted and from these moments, perhaps, greater seeds of liberty (a concept that has been suspended by the Bush misAdministration) may flourish, in the decades to come, for this breach in the dike of the Great Walls (political...) of China.

If Jimmy Page didn't 'start' it, the entire mass of energy from the exuberance of these Games should declench a revolution, quietly and slowly. When and wherever Johnny Appleseed roamed, the fruits of his work did not appear instantly...


Would China dare a 're-education' of the masses of volunteers and Athletes who presented the human Chinese component to the spectacle that we humans shared?

Are Russian agressions only just beginning, or will they be ending soon? Has the world learned how to play the US people in their political quest for a new President, and if so?

Welcome back my friends...

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