10 April 2008

Who? Which? Where? reflections....

This is certainly not the easiest topic to write about, but it strikes deepest in the heart.

ZENish eyes have now seen violent manifestations during week, an uprising from the Tibetan 'revolution' that began an active track in March, passing through the prism of a series of Olympic Torch parades.

London, Paris, San Francisco...

London: where the Anglo–Saxon 'rule of law' and Magna Carta changed the world...

Paris: 'égalité, liberté, fraternité': the revolutionary calls to arms that overturned Marie–Antoinette's husband's Monarchy... interesting to note for posterity, that the alleged 'protester' in the midst of these French Parisian police, allegedly is a Paris City Council member... Will this get him re-elected? (photo from fellow blogger Notarazi (who's welcome to borrow any of mine)...

San Francisco: Where our weary world spent long months in negotiating and drafting our political world's Charter of the United Nations...

Now it comes to a procession inflamed, yet again, what are we seeing?

The passage through London, perilous; the scenes we saw there were a preview of the other two cities to come, only weather and backdrops changing from the multiple phalanx of steroidal police and security protection, the vibrating colors of yellow and red Tibetan flags, waved in hands of protesters, and surrounding the blue and white sweatsuits of Chinese security.

In London, in Paris, in San Francisco: we're witnessing English citizens or residents, or French or Americans, being beaten bloody by police overreaction.

French police with matraques look no different than a San Francisco policeman with his nightstick.

If these words aren't pointing out what has ZEN Central in a whirling mental merry–go–round; this is it:

Peoples in the freedom lands are showing the world their liberty of expression, in getting beaten by State Actors, as they protest against a repressive Chinese regime, whose action against Tibet includes the Tibetan monks and population... getting beaten by State Actors.

That means the free–world protesters are generating a perfect propaganda tool for the Chinese State, who can turn these images on their head.

“Live from San Francisco, we're watching the US government brutally repressing dissident terrorists right on the Golden Gate Bridge! The USA, which has proclaimed itself the Champion of Human Rights...”

Or was that “Now from the land of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, we're watching as French governmental Police brutally repress an uprising of violent young French people...”

And “Across the Tower Bridge, English government attacks a vicious, disobedient faction that is terrorizing its citizens...”

Does this seem a script from the Twilight Zone?

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