31 August 2006

Another lost generation...

There is only ONE way to solve all the World's problems:
Don't START one... don't start ANY...

The deeper picture: what will become of these coming generations, those who were five to 15 years old, those who were 15 to 25 years old, as they witness on TV (around the world) or live (Iraqis in the front lines)? Their force? To hate – more than anything. As we were expected to hate 'the gooks' (or 'slopes', 'slants'... 'Charlie') from the Vietnam war.

Media presentations in repetitious loops prevent thoughtful analysis, and prior generations have never suffered from “24/7 disaster media immersion”; the United States of HYSTERICA, the Iraq of tomorrow, the disabled and maimed, the disappeared and the dead.

When reading an article like You wouldn’t catch me dead in Iraq” (Sunday Times Magazine UK), the content stuns. Offering a vision strong enough of that which happened to these young men, who joined America's Armed Forces to protect our 'freedoms'. Persuaded they were right to do so, the experiences (Excerpt below) are only harrowing.

[.....] It’s a road right in the city of Ramadi. We turned a sharp right and all I seen was decapitated bodies. The heads laying over here and the bodies over there and US troops in between them. I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, what in the hell happened here? What’s caused this? Why in the hell did this happen?’ We get out and somebody was screaming, ‘We f***ing lost it here!’ I’m thinking, ‘Oh yes, somebody definitely lost it here.’” Key says he was ordered to look for evidence of a firefight, for something to explain what had happened to the beheaded Iraqis. “I look around just for a few seconds and I don’t see anything.”

“Then he witnessed the sight that still triggers the nightmares. “I see two soldiers kicking the heads around like soccer balls. I just shut my mouth, walked back, got inside the tank, shut the door, and thought, ‘I can’t be no part of this. This is crazy. I came here to fight and be prepared for war, but this is outrageous.’”

He’s convinced that there was no firefight.”

Thinking back to 2003 or 2004, when the Nicholas Berg kidnapping / beheading set a odious precedent, and relating that now to the commentary by Joshua Key, would anyone still doubt a great potential exists, that Berg was killed (as posited in the following months) by

American forces? Remember he wore the same orange prison suit as did photos of the Iraqis we tortured. Here's proof that Americans in Iraq beheaded townfuls of people.

* * * * *

All combined, the pendulum passes: how will our future rebound out of this? “

Teach your children well, Their father's hell... did slowly go by...”


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